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I would build a small chain of stores first. Get experience in managing multiple outlets and how best to operate them in various markets. Develop the systems that, when applied as designed, make each store successful. Once I have perfected the success formula, then I would have genuine value to offer as a franchiser to franchisees. Franchisees are looking for someone to give them the methods to be successful. After all, that's the benefit of a franchise. [over 15 years ago]

Would you prefer to franchise a business or grow using company owned units?

Present the problem. If it is a complex problem, break it down into several smaller ones and present each one individually. This format is limited in its current context, but that doesn't mean you can't get some great ideas for solutions. You will recognize when an idea is applicable and usable. This format is not a cure-all. It is... well... a place to "brainstorm" which can stimulate your own thinking. [over 15 years ago]

How could you use this online brainstorming to solve real business problems?

Tell him he is such a wonderful man and that you appreciate him so much! Then tell him that he has a very special place in your heart. If he is observant, he will indicate his feelings to you. If he seems to not know what to say, just continue with, “I like you very, very much... maybe even more than that!” That should get his attention. I hope things work out well for you both. [over 15 years ago]

should i tell a friend that i have fallen in love with him?how do i proceed?

You sound very desperate. Perhaps he thinks you are desperate. You must relax and think clearly. You will be more desirable to him (and to other men) if you are not desperate. Create a plan for your future. If you ARE desperate, talk to your friends or a counselor to help you discover all the other options you can have. I wish you the very best. [over 15 years ago]

i want my ex-back and he says he does want to have anything with me because i...

1-Finding Better Candidates: Advertising with a long list of "requirements" limits your prospects to those that fit that mold. Many exceptional people come from backgrounds that are outside the mold. They bring new thinking to the table. At least a small percentage of your work force should include these "independent" people so you can keep your company processes from becoming stagnant. Invite "exceptions" and you will never be typical. [over 15 years ago]

What are new ways HR/Managers can interview to find 1. better candidates and ...