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Name:Maximilian J.W.Thomae
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1967
Education:German Chef degree, 8 years of pratical education in 1 - 3 Star Michelin Stars Restaurant, in Germays best Restaurants and Master Chefs
Employment:Moevenpick Hotel Istanbul Turkey
Interests:Tourism, Food & Beverage, Coaching, Culture development in Culinary art, Mindmapping, Culinary Education,
Achievements:Founder of the National Culinary Team of Turkey & first Team Manager, First Team coach of the National Culinary School Team of Turkey, Inventor of the Modern Turkish Cusine most innovative cooking style on the Local market, Many major Culinary awards in Turkey, Grand success award for contribution of the developement of the Turkish Gastronomy word and support of young Turkish chefs in the Year 2008. Member of Honur of the National Team of Chefs Turkey, best event Menu 2006, best A la carte Menu of Turkey in the Year 2007. Coach of 13 best young chefs in Turkey out of the top 20, Selected for the introduction ING International in Turkey as actor in a commercial with the Team "Strangers in Turkey" as actor do to Values, investment and development into the Turkish Culture as a Foraign in June 2008 the commerical was from a exceptional success. Highest press coverage in Turism as a Chef since the Year 2006......................
Expertise:Education us a Chef in 1 - 3 Star Michelin Restaurants in Germany for 7 Years. 15 Years Executive Chef. 15 Years Executive chef in Turkey.
About Me:41 years of age, living since 15 Years in Turkey, Mission Staetment = to add Value to the country were I am living "Turkey". I am proud to feel as a part of the development of this Country and Culture, accepted as "one of us" what is often mentioned in the Media of Turkey I reached my most important value "to be accepted as a Foraign" in a other Culture. As much we had "Reactions" in Turkey my brain is ready to strom with YOU! Good to be with YOU in BrainReactions......Maximilian Jean Wilhelm Thomae

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