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Name:Ankur Agarwal
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1984
Education:Btech (Computer Science) MBA Final Yr Student (IIIT Allahabad)
Employment:IIT Kanpur (Project Associate) IIIT (Project Team Member) Ocean Websoft Pvt Ltd(Software Developer)
Interests:Start up Education Training
Achievements:Certificate (IIT Kanpur) Six Sigma Certification (KPMG) Project in IIT Kharaghpur
Expertise:Coding and Designing
About Me:enthusiastic,Honest and Crazy to do different thing ..

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Develop a group with 5 members ,They will focus on e-education for B-tech and MBA level(Tool knowledge and software development training). We focus on training on tools which is necessary for company requirement . We trained all B-tech and MBA guys in a particular tools according to their specialization. [over 7 years ago]

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