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1.Construct a LED wiring with plastic covering (Make sure the battery is outside of the bottle). 2.Fill the empty bottle with water. 3.Freeze it. 4.Take it out after freeze and enjoy it especially party at night. Hope this help! [about 14 years ago]

What are some creative ideas for using empty old wine bottles?

by using body temperature...erm,make it in simple way, heat transfer from hands when touching metal which lead to warming up inner vacuum flask. This is not all, i already dunno how to describe.. i can draw it for u all if u wan.. i have concept but dunno how to express.. [about 14 years ago]

How to improve the hot water bottle? using salt water spraying + tire claw..salt water will melten the icy surface in split of second..while tire claw will stable the movement of the tires. [about 14 years ago]

How to make riding a bike on icy surfaces safer?