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got another one.. "Bathroom ñ Lot many of us infact almost 95% of us as desired to become a singer but could not make it. But still we assuage our vanity by singing song in the ìBath Roomî. We/These people still struggle to find a stage and confidence. Provide them the virtual stage on internet. Allow people to click on the recording button and let them be the singer. The recorded file will add to the list just like we have videos on you tube. Allow comments and contests on the site [about 15 years ago]

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or why don't just redesign this brainstorm idea :D [about 15 years ago]

CS 5115 Project ideas

Veni can you elaborate on point (1) & (2). (1) seems interesting.we can do it for iPhone for example... Nutrition/Fitness is what people want to track. Having it build up right in the phone can help them look at their fitness program anytime they want to. we can have reminders for the diet control, number of steps a person has walked till the morning(we have that in couple of phones can integrate them in iphone with our application)...would discuss more when we meet [about 15 years ago]

CS 5115 Project ideas