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Name:Jorge Corral
Location:Mexico City
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1962
Education:Advertising Bachelors Degree: UDEC. MBA (in process): ITESM
Employment:*Copywriter- Associate Creative Director, DDB Needham: 1985-1987 *Associate Creative Director: Noble DMBB: 1988 *Associate Creative Director- Creative Director: Leo Burnett: 1989- 1991 *Creative Director, Bozell: 1992 *Advertising Manager: CCM: 1992-1997 *Creative Executive Director, E=MC2: 1997-1999 *Advertising Production Manager, CCM: 2000-2002 *Creative Executive Director- CEO, E=MC2: 2002-2005 *Creative & Film Director, Publi K: 2005- 2006 *Advertising Creative Manager, Soriana: 2006- 2007 *Executive Producer, Tribal Films: 2008
Interests:Feature Film industry, advertising, chess, reading, music, piano playing...
Achievements:*2 Telly Awards for: Cabalgats CB beer TV spot, and Pitcher Sol Beer TV spot. *Radio festival of New York Finalist with TEcate beer audioclips. *FIAP Finalist with Tecate beer TV Campaign "Pedro Infante". *Several local awards for TV and Radio campaigns.
Expertise:copywriting, creativity, selling ideas, visionary.
About Me:If I make you smile, I am in the right way.

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