Hi I want to sale electronics from UAE to India. Like Mobiles/TV and Cameras. I can offer all the electronics with very good price and high margin potential. Please get in touch with me on [email protected] or whatsapp on 9587909000 (Whatsapp only no call I'm not in India) [almost 5 years ago]
Agents needed for Selling Mobile Accessories. Resellers also Welcomed.
Mobile case,mugs, t-shirts,crystals ect...printing machinery 2d (Flat) and 3D (Vacume) both completely new and never used (Complete set up with printer) based in Jaipur for sale only for 50,000 INR. You can start your own business in just 50K. I'm moving out of India that is why selling pls contact at [email protected] immediately. [over 5 years ago]
Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?
Hi All we have good amount to invest in a genuine upcoming business opportunity. Commodity and Share Trading dont dare to touch...we can invest up to 40 Lakhs. Do share your business Idea at [email protected] [almost 6 years ago]
which is the best business to start and grow in India
Guys new business Idea for just Rs.2 Lakhs Mobile case customized printing business I've machinery and complete set up in Jaipur along with the furniture. Best business and huge potential to grow you can print mugs and other thoustands of items just for Rs. 2 Lakhs I've 2D and 3D both Machines to offer.Pls contact @ [email protected] for more details. I've online website too...pls hurry up... [about 6 years ago]
Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?
Business is related to Mobile accessories where you can print customized mobile cases for brands like iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc as per customer requirements and specification. This comes with Machinery, Raw Material and start up consulting. The 85 Percentage work is already complete the business has got huge potential considering the smart phones market in India. The best part is this that you can run this business even from home and doesn't require lots of Investments. What all is needed is a c [about 6 years ago]
Made loss in Investments ???Want to Recover ???
Hey guys I'm ready to invest 10-15 Lac your ideas are invited mail your Idea @ [email protected] or call me 9538886914 and if looking for any help for putting up new business do let me know we are angel investors from Bangalore [over 9 years ago]
Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?