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Location:pittsburg, kansas, usa
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1981
Education:Masters in biochemistry n chemistry
Employment:graduate research assistant
Achievements:did my masters in india n usa, also have had some job experiences back home in india.
Expertise:none as of now (:
About Me:interested in small scale business developments, got few ideas, looking forward to proceed, waiting for the right time.(i do not have investment as of today)

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need expertise to sell fruits in large scale to Fruit markets...

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Dear sudhir dhaawan sir, I have spoken to you over the phone, as you said I tried to find your email in your profile but unfortunately I was not able to, could you please let me know ur email or email me to [email protected] so that we can proceed further. thanks [almost 11 years ago]

25 lakh Project without Investment 4 Graduate Unemployed