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Maybe look in to RFID Technology that Walmart uses. It provides Wireless and Mobility solutions [over 13 years ago]

How good would 'location based advertising via mobiles/cells' be - Walk into ... let our marketing insight, experience and skills work for your business [over 13 years ago]

Help me name my's a small writing, marketing and advertising co...

Go to and the best web designers you can find [over 13 years ago]

What would you search for if you were looking for a web designer in your town?

I think you should keep it industry focused, or choose a core group of industries you like to focus on and focus on those key influencers in their industry, related hubs and channels (ex. firms who sell to dentist and doctors could use it to up-sell, mail order could work positioning your product as a lead generator and management solution and targeting trade shows in their industry. [over 13 years ago]

How do I market my website for time-based search for appointments and events?