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boom, bang [almost 13 years ago]

New Energy Drink Name

designe signe [almost 13 years ago]

What are good names for a production and design studio?

washik [almost 13 years ago]

Ideas for a Car Wash Name

A KEY [almost 13 years ago]

Ideas for tag line

far from the eye, far from the heart [almost 13 years ago]

How do I get over someone I am madly in love with?

be nice - it is contagious, if not, be nicer [almost 13 years ago]

How can people be nicer?

jump - van halen (energized), Eine kleine nacjt musik - Mozart (inspired&creative) [almost 13 years ago]

What are songs that help you to become energized, inspired, or creative?

steam cleaner. natur friendly tehnology [almost 13 years ago]

What is a technology which could be invented or improved?

ship with sucking pipe to suck top level sea and oil and also filtraiting and dump filtrated sea water back in to the sea and collect oil in reservoir [almost 13 years ago]

How might you stop an oil leak in the ocean?

TECTAC [almost 13 years ago]

What are ideas for a high tech brand name?