Seeking Investment for manufacturing Biomass gasifiers for thermal and power generation, Advanced method of manufacturing coconut shell carbonization machine First time in India, Biomass stoves for Hotels,Hostels,etc all to save fuel savings.. Please contact us for the detailed business plan, if you are interested. plz contact RAJENDRAN.919241036278, [email protected] - [over 6 years ago]
If anyone has good business then I can invest. Give ideas
hi, this is Rajendran from Tamil nadu,India Presently doing business at Mangalore, i am manufacturing Biomass Gasifiers for Thermal and Power generation This is new technology supstitute Also I am interested in Importing Scraps from other countries to supply our customers.I want the investors to invest collatral or funds into my business for profitable earnings. is there any investors to invest on my business please contact [email protected]; 919241036278;919245743799 [about 9 years ago]
which is the best business to start and grow in India