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About Us Our Projects For Sale Consulting agency of innovative projects in Masala powders,Convenience powders,Taste makers,Ready to cook foods,Comfort foods,Wet mixes,Ready to eat meals,Diet multi meal mixes and Dessert mixes. We had a wide range of nearly 1100 products. Transforming innovative products from farmland to dining table All are patentable products 100% fitness and youthness guaranteed Easy to cook in short span of time Ideal for diet and weight watchers Athletic food with good st [over 8 years ago]

New business to start from chennai with small investment?

Hai.i'm mahesh from coimbatore.seeking some corporate companies and some foreign companies to invest in my food project which covers day to day food needs of indians.since my products will reach atleast 10 millions of people investors can invest in my project with out any hesitation. [over 8 years ago]

Need business ideas in chennai, ready to invest 10-15 lakhs.