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Join a Start-Up for some to learn the nitty-gritty of starting and running a Start-Up [over 13 years ago]

how to start a startup

You can try to build some good site that help remove inefficiencies from system. Typically there are hardly sites that target Indian problems even when the no. of problems are consumer masses are huge. Current downturn is a good time to start a small India targeted product start up. [over 13 years ago]

i want to start bussiness

keep couple of plates (not bowls) filled up with water. Higher humidity results in higher effective heat at the same absolute temperature. [over 13 years ago]

Ways to save money on winter heating bills.

Find one basic problem and implement solution for it. Don't try to carve business income from the solution at the initial phase. Get more masses taking your solution. Then make out financial model by generating income through others' savings. [over 13 years ago]

Overcoming porverty

1. Present the result in different format than standard google/yahoo style. Probably, group the result of similar entities as a sinle categorized result. For eg. search for "IBM". You will get the whole page filled up of same ibm information. May be there is another ibm org/product/service available in world but gets overshadowed the major corp. That can be a way to present yourself different and more useful than other search engines. 2. Search Results page wastes a lots of information. Its diff [over 13 years ago]

What should i do with my website?

Watching a live scores/commentary on web/mobile. Letting play virtual bets for a game/tournament. [over 13 years ago]

What are good ideas of innovation (web/mobile/Digital Tv) for the Soccer Worl...