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Name:Haresh N Patel
Location:At & Po :Davad, Ta : Idar, Dist : Sabark
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1985
Interests:Cotton Ginning & Pressing Factory
About Me:7 years Expirence of Cotton Industries

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I am Haresh From Himatnagar and have good process knowledge in Cotton Ginning 7 Pressing Industries . Backed with 7 years of sound experience , I want to start a new Cotton Industries and looking for investors (1 to 1.5 Crores). Please mail me if you are [email protected] [about 12 years ago]

Want to Start new Business??? GOT Rs 5 LAC ????? Check this out !!!

Hi, I am Haresh patel From Himatnagar. i am looking for the Investor .his Miximum Invest Capicity. 1 Crores. [about 12 years ago]

How can I invite investors to my business idea

Hello Friends i am Haresh patel from Himatnagar.I am in search of New idea Cotton Ginning Pressing Factory from Himatnagar.But I have no Working Capital. i have lot of Idea.please contect me on . [email protected] & [email protected] [about 12 years ago]

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