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Name:harkamal ubhi
Location:phagwara punjab
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1992
Education:doing btech eee
Achievements:national level pistol shooter,best boy of class,certificates in science projects,and also kwn about markiting busines.
About Me:hello all,am a 22 yr old boy,want to b rich person ,doing btech,4 technical knwloge,and knw how to b fulfil my dreams,also understanding networking business,the best way to become rich to do business.

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ur dedication towards ur dream,what u what to achieve,first make goal and follow the path [over 9 years ago]

what makes a man an acheiver

this is frod company,no payment wil transfer,i do it ,but dnt get payment,u have to work,but no gurante for transfer money. [over 9 years ago]

hello, are you in need of any financial help

helo friends,hows u all,want to start busines with more than 1lakh to 5 lakh busines,i have a plan ,if u earn profit of 100rs just give me 1rs as my fees [over 9 years ago]

Want to start your own business

helo friend am harkamal frm phagwara,any student here who knw about networking business,or any other member ,want to change life with doing litle bit investment and with lot of hardwork ,contack [email protected] or +919041007096 [over 9 years ago]

To start a New Business with high profits!!!

helo every one,4 getting a small business idea,contact me +919041007096.or mail me at [email protected]. And my fees just if u get profit of 100rs give me 1rs [over 9 years ago]

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