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Hello Everyone, HYCCONN the great franchisee business in 2017 contact soon email [email protected] We need 50 lakhs. (Investors from Tamilnadu) We are going to discuss in person so just before send us your brief profile contact address. [almost 7 years ago]

Looking for a Investor

Hello, innovative business searchers here is Very interesting Business to cover each and every place in our country. More employment and more income. less investment. BCZ while opening franchisees we meet the business needs. To start our first operation center only we need of 50 lakhs. 2 crore to 3 crore first year profit. Its an essential need of people. Meet in person just before we would like to know who you are. Send address, Phone with profile email Id: [email protected] [almost 7 years ago]

Looking for a Investor