intuitive design [over 12 years ago]
what is usability
update graphics get word out I fear the sight is dying [over 12 years ago]
How could the site be redesigned.
cheap hearing aids that look like blue tooth earphones for mobile phones [over 12 years ago]
What could be the next invention that is going to take the world by storm?
put a horse hair in one or a small amount of magnolia leaf old southern way of getting kids to quit [over 12 years ago]
how can i get my mum 2 give up smoking??
love happens. I don't know about the rest of u but I've never "made" anything perfect. If your interested be interested just don't stalk [over 12 years ago]
how can i bmake some one fall inlove with me
put maps on beer boxes and cig cartons [over 12 years ago]
How would you answer this question?
think of your product as an action, an experience and convey the needs you fill [over 12 years ago]
Can you think of different "angles of attack" for this brainstorm?
flip up backrest. maybe seat meterial like kids swings. that rubber stuff set across supports [over 12 years ago]
What would make a telescopic gymseat (bleachers) more comfortable?
Falling Forward [over 12 years ago]
A Fresh Name For A Student Platform?
Bring it into the schools say design a desk give the teacher the basic programs and give the wining school the desks show young people ideas for products don,t come from outer space they come from people like them. start a company that holds general design competition with proto types as the prize. surfacing programs for playstations and x-boxs [over 12 years ago]
How can you make Innovation into the next big microtrend?
commutless [over 12 years ago]
Help us find a name for our company!
level of green design [over 12 years ago]
It would be nice to have a ranking for...
women are the nesters. nicer nest nicer women. guys would still be in caves if it wasn't for them [over 12 years ago]
What are ideas to understand women?
user interface [over 12 years ago]
software [over 12 years ago]
I always say maybe. try never to set definitive appointments and don't give people a hard time about being late I'm not sure about a product but I'd call it "Island Time" [over 12 years ago]
What is a business, service or product that could be created to prevent adult...
intuitive design basic menus with depth [over 12 years ago]
Is there a product that can be invented to help the technology impaired human...
I would like to see bumper stikers that tell you how good the gas millage is or maybe a rating system to judge how green a product is 1-10 [over 12 years ago]
The market for hybrid cars has increased dramatically over the last three yea...
history according to the people that live there because truth is subjective but understanding isn't [over 12 years ago]
what makes a good travel show on TV...?
I use (wack a pack) goggle it [over 12 years ago]
How do I get and stay motivated to write?
The biggest problem I see is presentation (large cheesy portraits with the white little dog) I like the impromptu shots maybe victory shots as a gift for award ceremonies. [over 12 years ago]
What is a business that could promote professional portrait photography in a ...
don't focus on the sugar side of desserts perhaps a more complex flavor( earthy nuts ect...) and smells [over 12 years ago]
What are ways to make desserts more available to the elderly or diabetic?
Treasure hunts set up with history in mind(geocache) [over 12 years ago]
How would you go about getting people to view Learning as an enjoyable pastim...
small carving tools mabey ship in a bottle rigging tools [over 12 years ago]
New application for wooden ball-pen cover - Holzhülsen neue Einsatzgebiete g...
a sound level alarm for the kids room [over 12 years ago]
How would the dream house of the future be designed and furnished?
magnets on the gutters to catch meteors [over 12 years ago]
How would the dream house of the future be designed and furnished?
long clean lines no ornaments legs tucked under back low to the ground no visual tension [over 12 years ago]
How would the dream house of the future be designed and furnished?
maybe have local schools help out. design or art classes? [over 12 years ago]
help me, need your valuable suggestion
let kids help prepare food( push button on cutting machine)would have to be safe [over 12 years ago]
What could a full service restaurant do to attract couples or single parents ...
extending rear tailgate thet pulls uot like a drawer to turn the jeep into a truck [over 12 years ago]
What are some ideas of new accessories for jeep wrangler
fold out tent topper like old safari landrovers [over 12 years ago]
What are some ideas of new accessories for jeep wrangler
put your waiting area near the seating to make people aware that some one is waiting [over 12 years ago]
What are ideas to provide a sit-down meal at a restaurant in a timely manner?