Shingle Shine Service. Sparklin' Shingle Shine. Steeple...(something something or something like that) [over 14 years ago]
I need to name a new roof cleaning company. We will be specializing in the bl...
One unique idea from Buzz Marketing was a hot air balloon which looked like a comic strip dialog bubble with dialog words on the balloon floated in front of President Washington's head at Mount Rushmore, so it looked like Washington was saying something. jackdaniels | less than a minute ago | delete [over 14 years ago]
What are some non-traditional marketing ideas?
Buzz Marketing by Mark Hughes will open ideas up for you real good. The best sort of marketing of course is viral marketing especially when the product is innovative, novel and comes at the right time. 2 factors: 1)Unique niche, new. 2) Value return to customers and users whether it be usefulness and/or monetary based. [over 14 years ago]
What are some non-traditional marketing ideas?
earrings, nose ring, nipple ring. A wig. [over 14 years ago]
"Name 500 uses for a paperclip" is a well-known brainstorming and creativity ...
Rebulation, [over 14 years ago]
Name for Social Network for TEENS
For starters, Google is an great amazing idea which came along at the just the perfect right time, not too early, not too late. (Read Planet Google by Richard Stross, particularly the chapter titled "The Algorithm" and it will become crystal clear. [over 14 years ago]
why is google successful
BuzZZ (consider a logo of a bee pollinating a flower) [over 14 years ago]
Need a company name - HELP
"Keep your butt in you pants, not in your mouth!" [over 14 years ago]
what will be the best tag line for fashion sector on non-smoking
The American Dream Co. [over 14 years ago]
What are ideas for creating a business name?
Heart Line [over 14 years ago]
HELP! Naming my fledgling business!!
Collect and bottle up jars of childhood past. [over 14 years ago]
"creative small business ideas"
Sell negative space of objects rather than the objects themselves. Don't sell just another donut but rather the hole in the middle (and not the thing they call a donut hole because that's not a real donut hole.) [over 14 years ago]
"creative small business ideas"
The effects of community brain power, how a collection and connection of and between brains (humans and or animals or intermixed) works and has an effect on a communal/social level and how it differs from an isolated brain. For example, in a brainstorming session with a room of minds, how does the brain act and react as opposed to when one is isolated and coming up with ideas on his own. Study the ephemeral interconnected bridge between the brains. [over 14 years ago]
What are the essential questions worth exploring and deliberating about "The ...
If I hear a melody or have one in my head (one that does not have lyrics like a classical piece or a movie soundtrack) I would want to find a way to search for it on the internet. I should be able to hum the tune into the microphone and mp3 samples at least should pop up. [over 14 years ago]
What do you want to do online on the web that is currently difficult to do?
TheWorks, N-Compass, BottomLine Products, TopLine Products. [over 14 years ago]
Naming a company
stop playing muzak in the elevators and instead have a voice come on teaching you how to breath. As elevator goes up or down take a deep breath in through nostrils, slowly count to ten and then slowly exhale through mouth. [over 14 years ago]
How to use an elevator to communicate something and to improve the wellness o...