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ask the comodity producers to pack their comodity in such a way that its easy to carry that ther is no need of a carry bag, just fix something to hold on everything even if its small, it can reduce the use of bags to an extent, use paper bags, use less microns in bags that they can be destroyed,create seperate disposal places for plastics that they can be collected for some other purposem may be recycllin if possible [over 12 years ago]

How can plastic grocery bags be creatively reduced, reused, or recycled?

this thing can be easy to use,may be can be an exerscise, its portable that gives great advantage, its comparably small, u wont need anyones help thats agreat news,it looks bueatiful too,u can use it at any time, dont have to wait to get the floor so dirty to use it, and the sound is smooth. [over 12 years ago]

what are some of the advantages of a portable carpet cleaning machine vs. a...