Guardian Orthographic Designs - GOD (guardian - guardian angels; orthographic - different views; design - creativity) [almost 9 years ago]
Good names for a christian design studio and training for young people in India?
KISS - keep it sufficiently simple [over 14 years ago]
How to generate names for new businesses?
dining slot availability is a must - to ensure flowrate within reasonable parameters [over 14 years ago]
What about a restaurant full-reservation online and mobile service where you ...
I'd lather not [over 14 years ago]
Ideas for a Car Wash Name
look in the 'wanted' ads page - see what folk have listed as a need (or) - look at the 'problems' pages locally; nationally and internationally - for activities that you are involved with, select a frequent issue that aligns with your skills and abilities and follow up on providing a solution [over 14 years ago]
I want to start my own business
'Topof Texas Roofing' - short name which identifies location also indicates high quality and also height - a whole range of tag lines can be attached e.g. top off your building with Topof Texas Roofing; we are the Topof Texas Roofing; tiled by the Topof Texas Roofing; etc; etc... I await my 10% fee hahaha [over 14 years ago]
I need a name of a roofing company for San Antonio, Texas
I can actually see at least 3 very valuable uses in global activities that I'm involved with - it would be foolish of me to share these in public without at least suggesting that we come to some agreement. [over 14 years ago]
What to do with
or just visit for your fix of - good news, charitable works, successes and motivational material [almost 15 years ago]
Creating Positive Energy
are you looking for names for people? - aaron; or animals - aardvark? [almost 15 years ago]
what are the names that starts with "aa------"?
Remember that education is a team project - you, the child and the teacher all collaborating, due to technological advances young folk need to know how to understand a wider scope of information than you - when we were young we looked at materials in depth, the world does not work like that today, you must support and consolidate the work done in schools. embrace the learning process and realise that it is a lifelong experience - p.s. invite me in to solve the problem - Jimmy (Scotland) [almost 15 years ago]
How to cut costs in the San Diego School District
Know-way! - a simple expression, which can be interpreted correctly, it indicates 'knowing', it hints at 'not the way', as so many folk lack respect for themselves and others, this highlights an opportunity to 'know'. [almost 15 years ago]
Funky name for sex ed project
Sound Investment (SI) - as young folk are making an investment for their future with regard to their hearing - it will always be a sound investment [almost 15 years ago]
Unique name for a store that sells hearing aids plus other similar items
I would follow the advice of brainakshay - find a niche (high end) don't go near ebay - the big boys will eat you up and you are looking for a quality product - limited edition - ensure that your specific artwork is also high quality [about 15 years ago]
What should I do to start a business?
CALM (creative, aggressive lowering, management) [about 15 years ago]
HELP! Naming my fledgling business!!
not too different from what we currently have, as we do not yet have the technology to install anti gravity units - (hovercraft doesn't count in this instance) we have the ability to fit all other types of sensors and controls [over 15 years ago]
What will the vehicle of the future look like, and what will be some of it's ...
first you need to have an idea based on your skills and an ability to assess if it can be easily implemented and provided within the internet environment - if you do not undertake this simple task first then you are doomed to failure [over 15 years ago]
how i can earn money from internet ,give me simple way that suitable for pers...
location; route finding; product location; business outlets in business park or shopping centre [over 15 years ago]
What are the different applications for an interactive kiosk?
getting it write? right! [over 15 years ago]
A new blog, a new name?
getting it write? [over 15 years ago]
A new blog, a new name?
Thomas-MindManagement [over 15 years ago]
A new blog, a new name?
reverse 'cinagro' - for the future in chocolate [over 15 years ago]
What is a good business name for an organic chocolate company?
humour always wins; ask the obvious question - can I play golf when I get out - great I couldn't before I came in; or wear pink panther slippers or similar...both worked for me. [over 15 years ago]
what are ideas for how you could improve your relationship with your doctor o...
Goliath, Seminars & Finance (depends on how big you want events to grow) [over 15 years ago]
I'm trying to come up with a name for my new business.
Chronicles, Seminars & Finance (you can share your chronicles on finance) [over 15 years ago]
I'm trying to come up with a name for my new business.
The Covenant Seminars & Finance [over 15 years ago]
I'm trying to come up with a name for my new business.
The Ark, Seminars & Finance [over 15 years ago]
I'm trying to come up with a name for my new business.
Testament Seminars & Finance [over 15 years ago]
I'm trying to come up with a name for my new business.
Revelation Seminars and Finance [over 15 years ago]
I'm trying to come up with a name for my new business.
making a copy - not the exact same as the original [over 15 years ago]
What is reproduction?
Ceasars Seminars & Finance - CSF (as in give unto ceasar that which is ceasars - and give unto God that which is Gods) [over 15 years ago]
I'm trying to come up with a name for my new business.
c'est la vie - mes enfants (it's the life - my children) [over 15 years ago]
I need to come up with a good name for a business that offers advice and itin...
out of the minds of children, the ideas emerge [over 15 years ago]
I need a Tagline for Interior Design Children's Spaces, any ideas?
our collection is tremendous - 'we rock' yeah that is right - our natural stone is marble'ous - as is our highly polished granite - we design and make to meet your need - even if the spec' is tight - be it natural stone or marble - or our highly polished granite. [over 15 years ago]
Can I have some taglines for a Marble company?