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EL is the ability to build a brand so dedicated to an original idea or product that others come to you for advice, or potentially try to copy what you do. You are not a leader unless you have followers. [almost 16 years ago]

What are some personal theories of entrepreneurial leadership?

A grocery store here in Richmond, VA called Ukrop's actually donates goods that are about to expire/expiring to the local food pantry. A church that I know of is able to feed 200 homeless and working poor people for 65 cents a plate because of this donated food. It's a tax break for the grocery store but a benefit for the community. [almost 16 years ago]

Why not buy expiring milk from grocery stores and sell it to restaurants/bake...

If they are available to you, I would buy a MAC. I used PCs for years and recently switched. While my father still has many problems with his desktop and laptop PCs I do not. Apparently there is not a big enough market for viruses with MACs, so hackers wanting important information have targeted the PCs. I never have issues with viruses. [almost 16 years ago]

What should the Biggs family consider when buying a PC for Christmas with a b...

When a person passes through a McDonalds, for instance, the customer service representative could verbally tell them how many calories they are consuming with the meal and how much of their daily % it is. It becomes more personal. [almost 16 years ago]

what could be done to increase awarness of obesity in individual Americans?

Bonnie Blue Eyes, Daybright Studio [almost 16 years ago]

What should I name my business? [almost 16 years ago]

What should I name my business?