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Name:KPS Raj
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We are in the process of setting up of chain of Departmental Stores (Mini) in all over Tamilnadu and the other southern states of India. Spend only Rs. 5.00 lakhs in each location and open 3 stores and attach to our concept. Your investment will be 100%. Sale and the profits assured through our innovative and excellent ideas. Returns assured higher than your expectation. Call Mr.Raj 7010661102 [over 6 years ago]

Need business ideas in chennai, ready to invest 10-15 lakhs.

Start Mini Departmental Store and attach to our Franchise. Your investment will be safe and the returns will be higher than you expected. To know more please call Mr.Raj 7010661102 [over 6 years ago]

need idea for small business invast aprox 2to 3 lack

We are in the process of setting up of Chains of Departmental stores, initially in southern part of India, and later it will be expanded throughout India, and have an innovative and excellent idea which will ensure 100% sale of our products. Need an investor who can invest at least Rs.50 lakhs initially. Good returns assured. call Mr.Raj 7010661102 [over 6 years ago]