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What does the country have the most of besides people? Animals - i.e. pets. What do people love to do more than anything else? Eat - Start a fast food restaraunt for pets. A drive up for your pet. It could be called something like Zip Dog and would of course also serve your favorite coffee and sodas, etc. [over 11 years ago]

which is the best business to start and grow in India

The Geodesic Lobe (or) TGL [over 11 years ago]

Suggestions for Logistics company Name

The first thing to do is not to look at a "problem" as a problem but rather as a jigsaw puzzle - everything anyone needs is right in front of them - you just have locate the one piece and all of the other pieces will fall into place. [over 11 years ago]

What could be our next step in emphasising the use of creative problem solvin...

Artificial grass or chia pet looking skin cover - It would be something the teens would go nuts for. [over 11 years ago]

What are the best skins for your gadgets?