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How to get into US grad school with bad academics ?

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the next 2 decades will just evolve in producing faster chips through newer technology and the breakthrough should be newer cleaner means of energy.(Im an optimist!!) [about 15 years ago]

What will be the next technological breakthrough?

To sustain life forever through progeny and evolution (if u look at all beings from virus to man) and advance entropically . [about 15 years ago]

Does life have an objective meaning? Why?

@ anandvc.. i guess we were supposed to look in a specific town..hence wouldnt ur idea be harder to search with? [about 15 years ago]

What would you search for if you were looking for a web designer in your town?

@ raseel. Bandwidth is a real problem and how would people be encouraged to check out sites like u have mentioned? I think roadshows are popular in rural india and works if freebees are ditributed through the Inidan postal service or something like that. It would be low cost and high reach. [about 15 years ago]

How does one make a Computer student in rural India aware of Open Source S/w ?

1) Yellow pages 2) google it up with key words web+designer+town+country(advantages being that they most results would have links to web sites which the web designers would have that u can sample the work) 3) try on online communities like orkut. It helped me when i had to find out jazz pianists in my suburb for my band!! [about 15 years ago]

What would you search for if you were looking for a web designer in your town?

Create user profiles while booking the ticket through internet .(assuming all tickets are booked electronically here) It helps in obtaining statistical data and all profiles can be updated with points as they book or removed as they cancel. [about 15 years ago]

How could an airline promote its frequent flyer program at check in?