heck no. VERY tacky design. [almost 15 years ago]
Is Tacoma.Com The Coolest Site ?
youth ventures dot org [almost 15 years ago]
What are ideas around events Young Professional Associations can host?
aviation: Embry Riddle Aeronautical School in Florida, robotics: Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia [almost 15 years ago]
what colleges should I look for engineering in avation or robotics
give them time. they are fairly new. when gas prices were low, no one really cared about them. but now they are becoming more popular. too bad they are expensive. you know the new Corvettes has better gas mileage than the nissan maxima. i just found that out. seems pretty cool [almost 15 years ago]
Why are aren't hybrid vehicles more popular?
its not so much that people who believe in God are "closed-minded"...its fear. its the big WHAT IF? question. what IF they don't believe and in God and in fact there IS one, then they go to hell, no questions asked. If they believe in God, then if there is a God and a heaven, then they will go to heaven. if not, then nothing gained, nothing lost. However, I believe there is a God and a Heaven. But it don't think God has a beard...thats Jesus. [almost 15 years ago]
get a religious person to accept that what they believe is not knowledge but ...
amazon or borders dot com. search kama sutra or just watch a porno, dude [almost 15 years ago]
how to be good at sex
spend as LITTLE money, but do WHATEVER you have to do to accomplish your mission, and make as much money as you can. [almost 15 years ago]
Social Entrepreneurs: what is your key question about balancing mission/money?
first thing you do is get off the computer. second thing you do is open the math test, and the last (but not least) thing you do is READ THE CHAPTERS ON WHICH YOU ARE BEING TESTED [almost 15 years ago]
How can I study for a BIG math test in 12 hours with no proir knowledge
google it [almost 15 years ago]
how does Hotrecorder work
if you are a Christian then the chicken. If you just woke up and its morning, then definitely the egg...scrambled hard [almost 15 years ago]
What came first... the chicken or the egg?
pull up his pants [almost 15 years ago]
How can a plumber attract more clients?
if you think about it, then you shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. til death do you part ONLY [almost 15 years ago]
what about marketing? [almost 15 years ago]
maps dot google dot com will tell you how far...and how to get there [almost 15 years ago]
how far is vancouver from miami
huh? [almost 15 years ago]
Equipment Constraint
Enron 2.0 [almost 15 years ago]
Next Hot IPO Stock
Bonnie Bovine [almost 15 years ago]
What should I change my last name to?