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im intrested to invest would you send detailed information [over 11 years ago]

Opportunity to associste with USA based MNC

first thing is equality,every one have to do some work for eating food what ever it is,respect to each other irrespective to age,sex,havers and not havers [over 11 years ago]

If you could create your own religion what would it be?

brain coach [over 11 years ago]

How should I name by coaching business?

boss coach [over 11 years ago]

How should I name by coaching business?

dnt drunken drive,dnt use mobiles in driving,dnt keep over load,have to take sufficient sleep. [over 11 years ago]

what are the useful tips for drivers?

its a good food for health so u have to market well y becoz there are some other brands similar to you [over 11 years ago]

Do you think coated Cashewnuts (Kaju) would sell in the market.

its to hard to know about neuralogy [over 11 years ago]

can a humans brain become like a computer?

its a scene frm a cinima,i think she is in sad mood [over 11 years ago]

What are your first thoughts looking at this picture?