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Education:National Diploma Graphic Design
Employment:Associate Creative Director at Cairo ad agency
Interests:All things creative, innovative, and beneficial to humans
Achievements:12 Jobs in the last 8 years is my main achievement. :) And I can draw garfield and do a Nelson Mandela impersonation.
Expertise:design, conceptual, illustration, branding, web
About Me:I like to see myself as a nomad and in many respects I am, still wandering the wide expanses of ideas and thoughts, trying to find a little space with which I identify. Professionally I am a graphic designer specializing in new media design. I feel that no matter what our skills or abilities each one of us has a responsibility to everyone else to add value to life, to be beneficial to people and to help create a beautiful future in some way. My approach has it’s foundations in my belief as a Muslim taken from the words of the Prophet Muhammad who said - The best among you are those who are most beneficial. Whether it be morals, ethics, social behavior or environmental awareness we have a duty as humans to be friendly to other humans and to other aspects of the lives of humans ie. the environments and societies we inhabit.

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what are the modes of expressions in man

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