Biomass on parking lot is greater than amount of emissions used to build and maintain parking lot [over 13 years ago]
Describe the "eco" parking lot.
teaching with video games. For business class? try "rat race" by Robert T Kyosaki [about 14 years ago]
Methods of Instructing Teens in School
Covered parking - with hanging gardens growing on the roof. [about 14 years ago]
Describe the "eco" parking lot.
Knowledge gap... because not enough people are glued to their computer screens. And because most teens can't do well in High School nglish... [about 14 years ago]
why is social mobility decreasing?
publish original literature that has not been published elsewhere - something really big, even if it is rare, will get news headlines. ie. in the Cancer article, say somebody discovers it can be caused by ice cream, you put it in there before Science and Nature, and they have to cite Wikipedia! [about 14 years ago]
What can creators of Wikipedia do to enhance its image as a credible resource?
have famous Ph.D.'s in that subject give their official stamp [about 14 years ago]
What can creators of Wikipedia do to enhance its image as a credible resource?
put up with . Maybe try out the annoying habit yourself. you might like it... [about 14 years ago]
How can you stay in love with each other for the rest of your life?
peace and quiet. [about 14 years ago]
what is cheap in the US and expensive in India
my 2 year old loves it. If she loves it, there must be something inherently good about it (and she is none the worse for wear from the 1/month visit) [about 14 years ago]
McDonalds. Are ya lovin' it?
Put the same energy into studying something VERY specific. Study it for the next 20 years. Then they will offer you an honorary Ph.D. because of your contribution to the item, and nobody will care that you never went to Grad school. [about 14 years ago]
How to get into US grad school with bad academics ?
not a big fan of batteries... how about a pack of dogs and a treadmill that they run on when you need power? When you don't need power, they could have a large, open range for playing and just being dogs. [about 14 years ago]
Would you make a wind turbine to power your house/cabin?
Cement [about 14 years ago]
What is a idea for a song?
internet tutoring at night for north American students (take advantage of the time change) [about 14 years ago]
what are the ways in which a student cam earn in his colege days,espcialy India?
Don't think the same thing twice. [about 14 years ago]
think faster
Scratch pads. 50 pages - each page has a note at the bottom that corresponds to the year: year 1: opened "Joes Hamburgers" year 2: introduced the "joe burger delux" year 3: staff uniform included 3" elevator shoes... year 50: joe's gives away 50,000 hamburgers to celebrate it's 50th anniversary [about 14 years ago]
what can you do for anniversary giveaways?
Preservatives. Now we can't help but eat stale food that should have gone rotten eons ago. [about 14 years ago]
What innovations do you think have fallen to the "dark side"?
yes. With porous cement and grass seed. It is called a "chia house" [about 14 years ago]
should I reside my house
Put something valuable and highly sought after up for sale in the classifieds for $1.00. Put the item on display in a public location, and advertise that the next person that can find out your middle name will have the opportunity to buy the item for $1.00. Something like a nice car or house would gather a lot of interest... even an iPod or iPhone or gameing console would get some attention. [about 14 years ago]
headline grabbing publicity stunt required, safe and simple any ideas please?
You park on a car-sized platform with casters under it. Then the lot attendant pushes your car away into densely packed rows of cars (no need to leave room to open the doors). When you get to the checkout at the grocery store for example, you text a message or type a code into a console to let the attendants know you are coming. they get your car out and roll it to the front door so it is waiting for you. Less square footage required - lower costs and environmental impact. Great service too! [about 14 years ago]
Describe the "eco" parking lot.
elevators in the parkades do controlled freefall on the way down... and you pedal a bike to get back up [about 14 years ago]
Describe the "eco" parking lot.
Theobromine Per Os (if you are marketing it to doctors or scientists...) [about 14 years ago]
What would be a new name for chocolate?
Fruit and berry trees for everyone to share. [about 14 years ago]
Describe the "eco" parking lot.
Obvious one: a row of trees between the rows of cars. Lots of tall trees and you can park under them. [about 14 years ago]
Describe the "eco" parking lot.
Really nice covered bike racks right by the entrance to the store. Perhaps with a separate stall and locking gate for each bike? [about 14 years ago]
Describe the "eco" parking lot.