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Dear Friends, if anybody knows about FDI, kindly update. As My friend want to invest in India. he is in UK. Kindly update, how to proceed and what are the legal approvals reqired. [almost 10 years ago]

Best Business Ideas for Small scale business in India

Persons who are interested in Bicycle, Auto parts, machinaries etc from Punjab, can contact me as consultant for quality assurance and vendor developement. Any item can be procured with small charges. So interested persons can start even trading of these items and can take my help to locate vendor of respective items and with genuine rates. [almost 10 years ago]

25 lakh Project without Investment 4 Graduate Unemployed

Dear All, I am a Mechanical Engieer and serving the industries in Punjab and Himachal. Any body / company/ manufacturing unit want market data of here or want to purchase something for trading or want to supervise his order placed here can contact. We a team of Engineers doing the consultancy work in very low charges. If anyone wants to do some business, you can get suggestions/advices on the same too by sending email. Send email at: [email protected]. [almost 11 years ago]

Best Business Ideas for Small scale business in India

Those exporters/traders interested in auto parts and doing the same, can contact for rate queries and procurement/development of vendors in punjab at lowest charges/commission. send email at : [email protected] [about 10 years ago]

how can i start a incom with low investment ?

We are the manufacturer of solution used in tubes of bicycles to repair punture. If any one have requirement for its export or local distribution, we can provide them t lowest cost. Our products is best in market with quality . One can try sample and can decide at time of ordering. call:9988256562 [about 10 years ago]

Are you ready to invest a small amount for Home appliances products?

i am praveen. we are Mechanical Engineers and doing trading, inspections consultancy, expediting services, free lancers for buyers outside india or with in india. we are based in Punjab. So any person interested in starting trade business or their shop can send their queries at id; [email protected]. We will arrange products and services at very low cost to help the client. you can call at 9988256562. Any kind of machinary, products, etc [about 10 years ago]

Best Business Ideas for Small scale business in India