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if there is any retail outlet on campus, then study people's buying behaviour [almost 16 years ago]

What could be studied on a college campus using anthropology?

retail outlets coz tats where d future of advertising lies [almost 16 years ago]

What are some unorthodoxy advertising concepts?

make use of retail stores inside campuses for your promotions [almost 16 years ago]

What are the best marketing tactics on a college campus?

create something like - check out this site- amazing [almost 16 years ago]

What can be done to keep people renting movies at home vs. going to the theater?

Its about your risk-taking ability & your ability to convince people of your thoughts & that the risk is worth taking. [almost 16 years ago]

What are some personal theories of entrepreneurial leadership?

Screens demonstrating some small exercises that can be performed in the lift or during travelling. [almost 16 years ago]

How to use an elevator to communicate something and to improve the wellness o...