CreativMoM [over 13 years ago]
I need a name for my new web design business....
Change the logo. In progress [over 13 years ago]
How can I improve my new web app?
Add it in facebook group [over 13 years ago]
How can I improve my new web app?
Play computer games and wilf around. Wilf- to surf the net aimlessly [over 14 years ago]
How do young professionals spend their time?
Customers need to feel that their ideas are being taken seriously and see the reward for their inputs. Hence, companies should provide economic incentives such as royalties for ideas that have potential and crediting customer's contributions. [over 14 years ago]
What are ideas around how customers can help generate ideas for new products?
You can throw up mystery puzzles or like to capture and sustain attention of viewers. [over 14 years ago]
In what ways can I think of new ideas for my blog's articles?
Pairing local businesses and teens would help teens to gain hands-on experience in the dynamics of business. Furthermore, interviews and informal sessions conducted by teens would help them appreciate the pains and gains of businesses. [over 14 years ago]
Methods of Instructing Teens in School