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Get 3% to 4% interest per month on your capital by providing finance (lone) to the landlord who are in need by registering ( direct sale deed) their property as security . The property value will be twice to the amount financing.our company plays the role as a middle man .we had clients only in andhrapradesh . People who want to invest on lands can invest and get 3% to 4% interest (per month).risk free business with good fixed 919848748686. [almost 7 years ago]

Are you looking for some good business ideas?Do you want to become an Interna...

People who are interested to finance on lands with interest rates 3%to 4%per month , for the financier who finance security will be given , sale deed of the property will be done in favour of the financier which worth twice the financed amount. People who are interested to finance we will give all types of assurance [almost 7 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start to export products ?