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what do you mean by legal action with govt. is ur business terms illegal?? [almost 13 years ago]

i want to start small scal industry, but i don't what is legal action with govt

it purely depends on your target market right, unless you identify the target customers you will not be able to reach business lines with just simply email database. [almost 13 years ago]

What are best email marketing database?

if u are really planning to choose an offshore software development company, please contact someone offshore and check the company credentials, do some market research and then only get into contracts. companies sound gud on internet and on phone but their financial status and market status can be verified. im located in hyderabad, India....if you need any market survey .....msg me at [email protected] [almost 13 years ago]

How to choose an offshore software edvelopment company

$250, this is vry low investment the best you can do is online business including any portal kind of business or business related to service industry.........rajmc (at) live (dot) com [almost 13 years ago]

Need a new project idea, in such a way it should be useful to all

inspiration can be from anything around us, for some its the necessity to win, for some its struggle for survival, for some its desire, passion, compassion.......but mostly dreams can only be achieved with passion to achieve...... [email protected] [almost 13 years ago]

Who/What inspires people to complete their dreams?

there are many for instance, software development, call center, customer support, medical transciption, billing, finance bookkeeping, bpo, kpo, rpo, these are all we got from usa, uk...apart from these, export business......Any further ideas contact Ajay - rajmc (at) live (dot) com [almost 13 years ago]

what are the businesses from USA that can be successful in developing countri...

business ideas r many, it shuld be suiting your capital, local market and your cost. tiffin center, paper bags, artificial jewelery, garment industry, cement, footwear, plastic, cotton bags, food industry, advertising company. basically u need to decide if its going to be product based or service based industry. whether its goin to be process driven or people driven standards, ur break even, capital, expenditure, evrything.datz all for nw...gud luck ..need any professional advice [email protected] [almost 13 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?

Hi All, this is Ajay from Hyderabad. before starting business, get ansrs for these questions? wts the place to start the business? whts the most product which has a 24 x 7 x 365 days sale in that locality? what is establishing cost/ unit? calculate 6 months running capital? risk involved? and then think of how you can work it out......need any assistance ..u can reach me at [email protected] [almost 13 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?