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How to create awreness about organ donation while in college?

created over 16 years ago, last activity about 4 years ago

take the responsibilty for whatever you do !n never wallow self pity ! [over 15 years ago]

How to lead a stress free and happy life?

"our relationship is perfect !i want it to move forward - towards the next level."n wen asked wat the nxt level is ,state it clearly!! [about 16 years ago]

should i tell a friend that i have fallen in love with him?how do i proceed?

the education system in india n the treatment of pollutants worldwide! [about 16 years ago]

What is in desperate need for innovation?

taste and presentation! [over 16 years ago]

What are the factors that make a dessert famous and attractive?

The 1 who can make the subject interesting such that students can relate to it.Also conducting subject related games n rewarding (in terms of xtra points) for d same! [over 16 years ago]

What makes a great instructor or professor?

the most productive:relax [over 16 years ago]

What's the most productive thing you can do during your commute?

make provision for a search tool.. words searched having appeard in earlier brainstorms shd appear may help those with similar problems..n lots of tym savin 2... [over 16 years ago]

How do you differentiate from all the others?