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About Me:i am simple boy having a lot of dreams in my hands . .Do whaT u like & say what wisHh,,Cuz those thaT mind, DONt matter & those tHat matTer DOnt minD! ''Coins alwaz mak sound.. But d currency notes r alwaz silent.... So wen ur value increases,,, Keep urself calm n silent.... 2 win evrybody's heart!!!.''

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hi , how ru guy's/girls? i am santhosh Gowdru here.i did MBA in Marketing and HR.Right now i am doing former in our village.we were the land lord of our village. i have a lot of ideas in industry,one thing is partner must have interest in this project.project is so many i am having ,but very interested is Dairy. Project investment is approximate cost is 1,00,00,000-00.The partner must visit the industry weekly once or twice in a month Id is''[email protected]''Mbile-9620438801 [about 10 years ago]

Germany - International Business Meeting

i have to start a new bussines in karnataka. plz tell me d best. my id is '[email protected]' [about 10 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?