put it on hip-hop artists and people will follow. Look at OutKast and Kanye West. [over 15 years ago]
Cardigans - will they ever be cool?
1.learn about yourself, know your character, what exictes you? your mother will most likely be able to tell you what kind of a person you are. 2. EXPERIENCE. go try it out, do different summer jobs. By observing more, you will start to find your own path. [over 15 years ago]
how to choose the correct carreer?
referring to the first post: rubber grip. check out the latest nokia phone E65. [over 15 years ago]
How can cellfones be redesigned so that they are handier?
it's Whorton. obviously there's HBS [over 15 years ago]
which is the best b-school in usa for a fresher?