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Name:Keith Alban
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1972
Education:Jedi School of Development
Employment:Sound Designer :
Interests:nature, thought provoking ideas, people with good attitudes
Expertise:Sound design, Film music, Studio productions
About Me:I am Keith Alban, the American part of the two man project called BrainStorm Operations. We produce Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, Deep Trance and down tempo music. BrainStorm began this journey with the intentions of creating music for film, TV, video games, Advertising, and websites. But as it so often is, our music reached farther then we had initially anticipated. As 2009 nears, we want to take our success and apply that to the overall momentum. We have over 7 hours of High Definition Audio. (HDA) We create an enchanting atmosphere not only through our music, but through multimedia application. In 2009, we will be equipped with full length video aimed at visually accompanying the worlds we sonically create. Perfect for a world where more often then not, an escape is viewed as one of the getaways from your stressy day. Our fees are very realistic and we are very open minded guys. For more information about us, please feel free to visit our website: Specialties: High profile client work; website, film, TV. Experience in multi level presentation and large event performance. Product enhancement and branding background. International acclaim and proven track record amongst professionals and fans alike.

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How to break into airline audio?

created over 14 years ago, last activity over 3 years ago

contact airlines directly through 'partnership contact' -no luck [over 14 years ago]

How to break into airline audio?

Send the idea directly to airlines- also no luck [over 14 years ago]

How to break into airline audio?

Ich finds gut aber bin mal etwa skeptisch wegen bullshit artists and time wasters, [almost 15 years ago]

was denkt ihr darüber?

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