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Location:Chennai - Adambakkam
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1956
Employment:Business - Catering, Car Polish Manufacturing and Astrology.
Interests:To Start Vegetarian Hotel
Expertise:Cooking Specialist

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Do you have shop space around 100 - 200 sq.ft in and around Adambakkam or 5 km radius?. And interested to start veg. restaurant? Contact: 08925252524 / 09710839599 [almost 10 years ago]

how can i start a incom with low investment ?

Interested to start small vegetarian Restaurant in South Chennai. Specialist in Udipi Sambar,Soft Idlis and crispy Dosas. People ready to invest for 50: 50 share can contact 08925252524/09710839599. [almost 10 years ago]

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