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Are you interested in selling your body parts k1dney, 1/2 Liver, Testicles,Lung, and 30 grams of bone morrow for the sum of 2 crore cash hurry and contact us.My name is Dr Ravi S sahani, am a Nephrologist in the k1dney National hospital.Our Hospital is specialized in K1dney Surgery and we also deal with buying and transplantation of k1dneys with a living an corresponding donor. We are located in Indian, Canada, UK,Turkey, USA, Malaysia, South Africa etc. but we need genuine donor,via Dr Ravi S [almost 5 years ago]

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My name is Dr Ravi S sahani. Am a Phrenologist in Mumbai K1dney Foundation. Our Hospital is specialized in K1dney Surgeries and we also deal with Buying and Transplantation of k1dneys with a corresponding Donor. We are Located in Indian, UK and Malaysia. If you are interested in Selling or Buying K1dneys please dont hesitate to Contact us email Reply Below Phone plus 919916776217 for more info. [almost 5 years ago]

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