it's a more plentful fuel sourse then ethanol [about 14 years ago]
Bio-fuels using Algea instead of food crops.
university of louisville [about 14 years ago]
what colleges should I look for engineering in avation or robotics
yo gotta agree with brainakshay we are with out guns and tech [about 14 years ago]
What is the most endangered animal in the world?
fore play rocks [about 14 years ago]
how to make love
this is ajoke right I mean I haven't done it but it's slow sensual and with a loving caress [about 14 years ago]
how to make love
is a gift yet a cruse it bring to heaven or drag you to hell [about 14 years ago]
I belive life is a jouerny on which our sole purpose is to learn what you can [about 14 years ago]
Does life have an objective meaning? Why?
ki none have reached the level i have and those who say they ahave fallen to the dark side let me tell I have had dealings with the darkness within my heart and let me tell you that by no mweans is it just as easy to leave it be it is their constantly whispering for you to give in however being a fledging shaman I am still not strong enough to control my darkness to my will although I can use it ll my emotins and let me fight unhindered by feelings [about 14 years ago]
What innovations do you think have fallen to the "dark side"?